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Our team responsible for treating RVCL-S patients and performing research consists of physicians, PhD students, senior researchers and laboratorial analysts with different backgrounds and expertise. We collaborate with different specialist in the LUMC and with other hospitals and research centers nationally and internationally.

Our team

  • Prof. Dr. G.M. Terwindt, neurologist-biologist LUMC

  • Drs. I. de Boer, clinical research fellow Neurology LUMC

  • Drs. A.E. Wilms, clinical research fellow Neurology LUMC

  • Dr. N. Pelzer, Neurologist LUMC

  • Prof. Dr. A.M.J.M. van den Maagdenberg, geneticist LUMC

  • Dr. I.C. Notting, ophthalmologist LUMC

  • Drs. M. Al-Nofal, ophthalmologist LUMC

  • Dr. M.C. Kruit, neuroradiologist LUMC

  • Prof. Dr. M.J.P. van Osch, Professor Experimental Cerebrovascular Imaging LUMC

  • Dr. A.H. Zamanipoor Najafabadi, postdoc and resident Ophthalmology LUMC

International collaboration

The RVCL-S research team of the LUMC collaborates with physicians and researchers from across the world. Among our collaborators are Amsterdam University Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Erasmus Medical Center, Liverpool Hospital, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Physics for Medicine Paris, University of California, University of Pennsylvania, Clayco Foundation, University of Washington, and University of Sydney. More information about our research and our recent publications can be found here.


The RVCL-S team of the LUMC is a part of the European Reference Network (ERN) VASCERN.

ERNs are networks of European healthcare providers. They facilitate transfer of knowledge about rare disorders between healthcare providers and aim towards better recognition and treatment of rare disorders. Moreover, these networks provide novel research possibilities.

The VASCERN network is aimed at rare multisystemic vascular diseases.